Through our years of fishing and tying, we have developed a great group of friends who share the same core values as us. If you are looking to learn more about fly fishing, go out on a trip, or just have a chat, these are the folks we support and work with on and off the water


Whether fisherman, or fashion designers, this group of ambassadors are our personal resource for fishing and beyond


Shoot us an email, let us know how you want to join and help the team. We will send flies, gear, and love in return!


Marin Julia

Joe Calcavecchia

Fly Tier / Owner of Saltwater Custom Flies

Joe Calcavecchia is a production tier, a saltwater master fly tier, and the creator of many well-renowned fly patterns such as the Striper Dragon, Mojo Squid, and the Bonita Bear. He has been tying commercially for the past twenty-five years for fly shops in the New England region. He is a master teacher in fly tying and instructs students with a jovial manner that is always infectious to everyone in attendance.
Victor Ko

Vince Battista


Vince is a human biologist, swung fly enthusiast, and contributor to American Fly Fishing. He grew up targeting stripers and bluefish in Connecticut’s large estuaries and rivers, and now resides and fishes on the South Shore. Check out his work at @waterdogflies.
Victor Ko

Lane Forrer

Guide / Fly Tier

Originally from New England, Lane learned to love fishing, both spin and fly, in the estuaries and tidewaters of coastal Massachusetts. He later moved west for university and the greater American experience, where he started fly fishing for trout in the Rocky Mountains. Since then Lane has fully embraced the fly fishing lifestyle and has chosen a profession that allows for plenty of international travel and keeps him close to the water. Lane and his wife have settled in Quito, Ecuador, a playground for the adventurous fisherman.
Victor Ko

Tim Flagler

Fly Fisherman / TightLine Productions

Tim Flagler is the owner of Tightline Productions, L.L.C., a video production company located in Califon, NJ. He started fly fishing and tying in the early 80's and has pursued numerous fresh and saltwater species ever since. Tim’s a fixture at the Fly Fishing Shows, giving seminars, teaching classes and often as a Featured Tier. His videos are renowned for quality, detail, and beautiful craftsmanship within the fly fishing community.
Richard Bauer

Alec Griswold

Fly Fisherman / Elevate Youth Non-Profit Founder / All Around Good Guy

Alec has spent the past decade working in the outdoor industry and he has turned his focus to engaging communities of color in the outdoor world. Alec is responsible for creating and maintaining program partners and sponsorships. He is also one hell of a fly fisherman and travels far and wide to chase various species of fish.
Victor Ko

Hatch Outdoors

Reel and Gear Manufacturer

Hatch Outdoors began in 2003 with the intention of creating a fly-fishing reel that would set the bar for all manufacturers to strive towards. Throughout the years, Hatch has pushed the limits of innovation with the creation of award-winning products. Hatch Outdoors takes pride in being a family-owned and operated business and uses the highest-grade materials and advanced machining techniques to create our iconic fly-fishing reels.
Victor Ko

Geoff Klane

Guide / Rod Builder / Fly Tier

Geoff Klane is the Owner of Brackish Flies, and since 2017 has been tying flies, building custom rods, and offering guided trips to some of Massachusetts’ most unique fisheries. Whether chasing brook trout in small streams, or haulin’ for striper at the coast, the world of fishing is Geoff’s home, and he couldn’t be happier anywhere else.
Marin Julia

Mike Rice

Fisherman / Owner of Mud Dog Flies

Mike is a talented fly tier and avid fisherman. He runs and owns, Mud Dog Saltwater Flies, which is a small, home based business Mike operates around his "real" day job and his "Dad" duties.
Victor Ko

Regal Vise

Premier Vise Manufacturer

Regal Vise is a small family-owned business in the tiny little hill town of Orange, Massachusetts. They produce the worlds most premier, high quality, and patented vise system. The Flatwing team ties exclusively on Regal Vises.
Victor Ko

Kyle Schaefer

Fly Guide / Writer / Conservationist

Capt. Kyle is a fly fishing guide, lodge manager, writer, conservationist, and entrepreneur. The fly fishing space is Kyle’s home and his true passion is helping people; whether it’s fighting for better fisheries management, hosting unique trips or teaching the ins and outs of this great sport. Fly fishing is a conduit to the outdoors for Kyle, helping him to forge a deeper connection with the natural world.
Victor Ko

Seven Stripes Fishing

Shop/Blog/Podcast/All Around Fisherman

Seven Stripes Fishing is a fishing lifestyle multi-media company and guide service. They offer a variety of products and services for all of your fly fishing needs.
Victor Ko

Stormy Kromer

Apparel and Accessories Brand

Established in 1903, Stormy Kromer is an outdoor apparel company comprised of genuine, hardworking artisans who strive to provide classic, yet contemporary products with the same passion, purity and practicality as the first Stormy Kromer cap over a century ago. Located in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula, today Stormy Kromer proudly continues its tradition of hand-crafting American made products and supporting American made jobs
Victor Ko

Temple Fork Outfitters

Rod Manufacturer

TFO's job is to provide anglers a tool properly fit to their needs, designed to last a lifetime, but one that won’t empty their pocket book. And for more than two decades this idea has led Temple Fork to design fishing rods recognized for optimizing the balance between performance and price by focusing on: -High-end power and performance. -Sophisticated and elegant designs. -No unnecessary accouterments that add expense and cost.
Victor Ko

Jean Torres (Kino)

Fly Fisherman / Fly Tier

Jean has been fly fishing/fly tying for about 3 yrs now and has loved every minute of it. He ties flies for all species especially flatwings. He ties at the fly tying tying symposium and at the fly fishing show in Edison, NJ. Jean loves meeting new people and sharing styles of tying with them, but also loves learning from the greats!
Victor Ko

John Turvey

Fly Tier

John’s journey in fly fishing began as a teenager, when he read Ken Abrames’ book Striper Moon. He learned to tie flatwings watching with wide eyed wonder as Flatwing cofounder Joe Cordeiro tied patterns like the American Eel and the Flat Mack at the shows. John has been tying and fly fishing for the last 18 years and he loves nothing better than match the hatch angling for striped bass. He is a passionate student and ambassador of the Rhody tradition of fly fishing and tying as chronicled on his Instagram, the @Flatwingflinger.
Victor Ko


Gear Manufacturer

Vedavoo design packs and gear that are more comfortable, more versatile, and easier to use in the field – but, most importantly, ready to be made in the USA.