Flatwing Kit - Single Feather Olive

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There is something extremely rewarding about tying the fly that you caught that legendary fish with.

We're sharing our knowledge and love of the flatwing fly with those who want to learn to make their own.

We created a kit with everything you need to tie 3 single feather olive flatwings. We are also offering a private Zoom class, limited to 10 participants, for a true, hands on demonstration, and step-by-step instruction led by Joe Cordeiro.

If you purchase the option with the Zoom class, you will be emailed a private code for the class. It will take place within the next two weeks, most likely on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday evening. Once the class is full, we will immediately send out the date via email. (Those who purchase the kit + class will get a surprise fly in the box!)

There are options for tiers of all levels and interests. 

Each kit has enough to tie 3 of your own, plus a reference and usable fly.

Each Kit includes:

  • 1 Single Feather Olive Fly
  • 1 Spool of thread
  • 3 Hooks 
  • Olive Saddle Hackle Feathers
  • Peacock Herl
  • Assorted Bucktail
  • Real Jungle Cock Eyes
  • Flash (tinsel)
  • Body Braid
  • Paper Copy of Instructions